Sustainable Cycle

The Citróleo Group is committed to working in the communities around its industrial activities, supporting projects for continuous improvement of the production process, aiming to preserve natural resources and contribute to the generation of income and improvement in the quality of life of farmers, communities and their families.

Citróleo Group believes that the best way to preserve the environment is to keep the community in the countryside. In addition to valuing the wealth of the local ecological heritage, it contributes to its preservation. Care starts in the forest, because that’s where the community sustains itself.

Slide 1. ANALYSIS OF THE PLANTING OR NATIVE AREA A careful analysis of the area is carried out, mapping the springs, water courses and Permanent Preservation Areas. GPS points are also identified to ensure full traceability.
Slide 2. LEGAL DOCUMENTATION For the extraction of the candeia, it is prepared stewardship plan together with other legal documents ensuring the conscious and sustainable extraction of the wood. For raw materials from the Amazon, the supplier registered and they supply the raw material documented through legal documentation. Slide 3. COLLECTION OF RAW MATERIALS: SUSTAINABLE EXPLORATION Citróleo provide training to its partners in the field orienting about good harvesting practices, ensuring sutainable exploration and the extraction of high quality raw materials. Slide 4. PROCESSING OF RAW MATERIAL AND QUALITY CONTROL 100% pure and 100% natural products, without the addition of synthetic chemical agents released according to the specified requirements. Slide 5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Providing satisfaction and well-being to people is result of the entire production chain of Citróleo Group.

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