Bio Sustainable Solutions
Development of new projects

Brazil is the country with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with forests that are home to thousands of animal, plant and micro-organism species. Our biomes are an international reference, which is why it is so important to take care of this wealth.

To guide the sustainable use of these resources and ensure the fair sharing of benefits in accordance with the Brazilian Biodiversity Law No. 13,123/2015, the Citróleo Group created in 2018 Bio Sustainable Solutions.

The objective is to give full support to its partners/customers to better understand and comply with this legislation and also develop projects that will benefit the communities, consequently raising their awareness of environmental preservation.

Projects reverted to benefits for the communities.

Community awareness and environmental preservation.

  • Customer demonstrates interest in a socio-environmental project
  • Citróleo develops and presents the project to the client
  • Citróleo provides organizational and bureaucratic support, including full raw material traceability
  • Citróleo supports project implementation
  • Citróleo provides support for project registration and regularization

VBIO – Project Showcase

Citróleo also has a partnership with VBIO, an online platform that assists organizations in raising and allocating resources for Brazilian biodiversity projects.

VBIO is a project showcase, with specialized curatorship so that the most inspiring projects in Brazil receive Corporate Social Responsibility resources and legal adequacy of supporters around the world and in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

Contact us or access the link below to learn more about the projects and VBIO.