ISO 9001

To guarantee and meet the needs of the company, society and our customers, we are certified by SGS with the ISO 9001 standard for the production of Citrue Bisabolol. Learn about our Quality Management System Policy:

Citróleo, located in Torrinha, State of São Paulo, produces and comercializates products for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the local and foreign market, and is guided by the following guidelines:

  • Commitment to comply with the legislation, the Quality and Environment Management System and other applicable requirements;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of its management system;
  • Meet the needs and expectations of its customers and interested parts;
  • Respect the environment and the community, focusing on protecting the environment, preventing pollution through the proper treatment of its liquid effluents, solid waste, atmospheric emissions and rational use of natural resources;
  • Maintain a constant integration with its customers and suppliers;
  • Respect and seek the development of its employees.

JUNE 2022


Citróleo is certified by Imaflora, in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), for chain of custody certification (FSC-C137626) in its units in Torrinha/SP, Carrancas/MG, São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo/MG and CitroBio Torrinha/SP, a company of the group. For forest management certification (FSC-C122401), Citróleo is certified at Fazenda Citróleo and Fazenda Serra Três Pinheiros in Baependi/MG. Considered chain of custody or forest management enterprises, this certification attests that part of the bisabolol produced by these units comes 100% from candeia forests with good forest management, allowing consumers and companies to make informed purchase decisions, benefiting people and the environment, as well as adding value to your business. Look for FSC® certified products.

The socio-environmental certification obtained by Citróleo demonstrates that its action in a responsible manner contributes to the conservation of natural resources, providing decent and fair conditions for workers and promoting good relations with the community close to its area.

Aware of the correct use of natural resources, Citróleo employs sustainable management techniques, evaluating its environmental, social and economic aspects, respecting the relevant legislation and not condoning illegal logging practices and other forestry activities that violate ethical concepts.

Access the link and see the self-declaration where we made this commitment.


We are approved by ECOCERT Greenlife for the supply of ingredients for natural and organic products.

Our COSMOS APPROVED non-organic raw materials convey integrity and confidence to the consumer, through production that values sustainability, a requirement of the COSMOS standard.

IBD Organic

Citróleo is certified by IBD Certifications for the BR and US schemes, ensuring that the entire production process of Citrue Bisabolol Organic, from planting to the final product, follows the standards and practices of organic production, thus ensuring the credibility of the product and the company for consumers. In addition, Organic Citrue Bisabolol is also certified to the Natural Ingredients standard for cosmetics.


Citróleo’s Citrue Bisabolol is NATRUE approved as a 100% Natural raw material.

The NATRUE symbol of the “International Association of Natural and Organic Cosmetics” is a guarantee that the raw material is allowed to be marketed and added to natural and organic cosmetics around the world.


And to serve the Muslim market, Citróleo/SP and CitroBio/SP have certified their products by CDIAL Halal, attesting that all processes, from cultivation to storage and transport, respect the norms established in Islamic law. It is, therefore, synonymous with animal welfare, quality, health and respect for the environment.