Nature is our most precious active, as the raw materials for the development of our products depend directly on their conditions, so the balance of the ecosystem and biodiversity are fundamental for business today and tomorrow. In this way, we are a green company, with aggressive sustainability policies and a focus on natural products.


Research and development efforts to pursue innovation is one of our most important activities. We transform nature’s raw materials into active functional ingredients, understanding the unique properties of each element and pointing them to applications that maximize their benefits. Another important process is the combination of elements aimed at creating a more specific product with high added value, always with high quality control and proof of results.


Providing people with well-being is the end result of the entire production chain. Cosmetics contribute to people’s self-esteem, who are increasingly concerned about their health, beauty and feeling of being good about themselves. As people are the center of the company’s attention, everything is designed to improve their lives, including for its employees who share development policies for the communities that work in its subsidiaries.