The sustainability of brazilian biodiversity products

Ingredients that carry history, performance and trends

Observing and understanding consumer demands and finding a trendline is the key to good business in any industry. This is especially true for the cosmetics industry, where the search for novelties is intense, but even more so, because they are products closely related to well-being and personality, which reflect the users’ lifestyle.

The Citróleo Group, always attentive to technological advances, research and the demands of this sector, aligns with its customers’ expectations complete solutions for the most diverse challenges.


Be natural…

Without a doubt, the search for the natural is the main guide of consumer trends. Data already indicate that what was considered temporary dictates the rules of innovation and development, and large companies are already moving strategies in this direction.

Being natural and sustainable is the main foundation of the Citróleo Group. The company, with each year of operation, becomes more recognized as a manufacturer of natural, complete, pure and effective ingredients. In the market for a little less than 6 years, the company has the CitroForest line, composed of vegetable oils and butters, resins, natural exfoliants and some essential oils, all from Brazilian biodiversity.

They are raw materials manufactured with careful processes, from the choice of fruits and seeds to storage. This production system guarantees all the properties and benefits for the final product. Through this line, the Citróleo Group offers the market differentiated sensory products, achieved with 100% natural products.

The company has developed a special relationship between biodiversity and agro-extractive communities, creating opportunities and sustainable development for everyone. This involves firstly identifying the potential of a new raw material and its impact on the market. Then, the potential of the supply chain to serve the market is evaluated, as the product only goes into the portfolio when a sustainable production cycle is closed.

These steps are essential for advancing through studies on the composition of the raw material and, after searching for companies aligned with the sustainable use of the forest, only then does the preparation of the project begin.


Source value

Above all, the Citróleo Group is committed to transparency, ethics and responsibility; It delivers products that are notably desired by this growing market for natural ingredients, with benefits that come from years of experience of local producing communities combined with innovation in presenting products in ways never seen before.

The Group maintains partnerships with communities and producing cooperatives, mainly in the North of Brazil, in the Amazon region. There, they develop family work, provide inputs for job security and pay fairly, allowing these workers to remain in the fields, keeping the forest standing.


In this way, the company seeks to increasingly promote the sustainable and conscious use of Amazonian riches, as well as preserve the entire history and knowledge of its local producing population, strengthening its pillars of innovation, socio-environmental responsibility, and promoting well-being. Be and contemplate the needs and demands of customers.