Communities Project

Through its actions, Citróleo Group encourages a positive social and environmental impact, acting ethically, with transparency and integrity with all its stakeholders.

Our MISSION is to transform, in a sustainable way, raw materials from nature into functional active principles, generating value for communities, people and the environment, thus connecting biodiversity with the well-being of being natural in itself.


The Citróleo Group works with communities in the Amazon region, always encouraging and raising awareness of sustainable extraction (non-timber) and preservation of natural resources, which enabled the opening of new partnerships for many families, starting to supply the fruits and seeds of the forest to the market in general.

For Citroleo, the best way to keep the forest standing is to encourage people to stay in the countryside, and these actions contribute to the preservation of the biome in general, leading to an increase in the region’s native flora and fauna species, in addition to being an extra income opportunity for families.

One of the examples of the social project that the Citroleo Group has implemented is the supply of greenhouses for drying Murumuru seeds, in communities close to its business unit, CitroBio.

This action added value to the product sold by agro-extractivists, as we now directly buy the fruit’s almonds with added value. With this, we were able to increase the income of these communities by 400%, compared to 2019.

Another important point for the Group is women’s empowerment. In the production of ucuúba butter and babassu oil, priority is given to the participation of women in the region to collect the ucuúba and to break the babassu coconuts. In this case, these women are known as the famous babassu coconut breakers.


The Citróleo Group’s Reforestation Project for the production of the Candeia tree, raw material for the manufacture of 100% natural Citrue Bisabolol, brings several benefits through its sustainable planting, which is applied in the Citróleo Group’s own areas, as well as in areas of forest partnership with rural producers.

In the last 5 years, we have reforested around 100 hectares with an average of 100,000 candeia seedlings per year. More than 1 million candeia seedlings have already been planted for this purpose.

As an example of this, 80 thousand Candeia seedlings were sown at the end of 2020. 60 thousand were destined to the reforestation of 25 hectares of degraded areas in the region of Baependi, Aiuruoca and Bom Jardim da Serra in Minas Gerais.

Seedlings at the end of planting are donated to neighbors. Investments in sustainable planting are aimed at overcoming native conditions – advances in the management of candeia make the species gradually evolve, being able to produce a greater volume of oil with the same quality as native candeia. There is also rotation of seeds for genetic variation – resulting in the formation of native forests and recovery of degraded areas.

This project is not seasonal, it takes place all year round and is already a practice of the Citróleo Group that has been in place for many years. We are proud to say that thanks to this and other initiatives, Candeia was never on the list of endangered species.