Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from the leaves. Seedlings are carefully selected, allowing the extraction of an excellent oil with a high citronellal content.


Environmental scent, candles, perfumery, household cleaning products in general, as well as well-being and relaxation.


Bactericide, disinfectant, astringent, fungicide, cooling agent.



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Eucalyptus citriodora oil



CAS Number



Colorless to slightly yellowish




Insoluble in water, soluble in all ethanol proportions


Oily liquid


1. Eucalyptus Oil

Safety Data Sheet

2. Eucalyptus Oil

Technical specification

3. Eucalyptus Oil

Technical Data Sheet


Shine bright like a diamond

Super light facial oil

Snow white

Revitalizing and radiance facial cream

I’m not using instagram filters

Liquid base

Diamond ring

Repairing and anti-aging hand lotion

Cotton gloves

Hand cream

Rubi gemstone

Body oil

Dream of me

Relaxing and reconstructive body milk

Good morning smile

Whitening, refreshing and functional toothpaste

Velvet shoes

Foot care cream

Come to me

Extra moisturizing nail cream

Acne never again

Cream in gel for acne treatment

Baby, you are fireworks

Energizing and purifying face mask

Shell comb

Dandruff serum

The queen’s crown

Hair and scalp treatment oil


Shampoo 4×1

Flower power

Moisturizing bar shampoo

Just call me angel

Illuminating micellar water

Jasmine petals

Body cream

Braid my hair

Nutrition and protection conditioner

Say you won’t let go

Second skin

Treasure me

Botanical body butter

Bathing under the stars

Shower gel

Cloud bath

Sulfate-free cleaning foam

My mom’s hug

Defense cream and restoration of the lipid barrier

Dancing queen

Moisturizer and hand sanitizer

Home spa

Body scrub butter

Today I’m feeling myself

Cleaning facial butter

Pearl crown

Restoration Bar Conditioner

Treat you better

Leave in

Zoom call

Matte lipstick

Lay your hands on me

Invigorating and exfoliating massage oil

Oh, honey honey!

Eco Lip

I can only think about chocolate

Bar Conditioner

Frida’s eyebrows

Eyebrow gel

Magic mirror on the wall

Rejuvenating micellar water

Caroten, why do I want you?

Body cream

Rock that mask


Concentrated care shampoo

Pet shampoo

Radiance conditioner

Conditioner for pets

Natural protective repellent spray

Pet repellent spray

Paw’s stick

Pet care stick

Cleansing solution for pet eye area

Cleaning solution for pets

Breu branco moisturizer

Moisturizing cream for mixed skin

Anti-stretch mark lotion

Body lotion

Mom & Baby Eco Bar Shampoo

Mom-Baby solid shampoo

Working moms

Multifunctional bar shampoo

Forever and always

Solid shampoo for gray, white and blond hair


Facial foam

California Girls

Moisturizing lip balm

Pet ball

Conditioning ball

Natural protection boost

Defense body cream


Nourishing body cream removes blemishes


Body oil

Milky way

Nutrition conditioner

Lotus flower

Nourishing shampoo

MEOWculous spray

Healing Spray

Miraculous serum

Blackhead Removal Serum

Celebrate life

Body cream

Soothing serum

Soothing facial serum

Dad’s hug

Gentle shaving foam

The hero’s rest

Gentle facial scrub

Hyaluronic intense

Night cream

Amazonian Sunlight

Protect lotion

Bossa Nova

Creamy pulp

Girl from Ipanema

Treatment foundation

Brazilian Bliss

Nocauted hair conditioner

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1. Eucalyptus Oil


2. Eucalyptus Oil


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