Would science be the translator of nature? Or does nature already clarify itself in contact? Science is the in-depth knowledge of something, and nature is the most beautiful science. Nature connects science and beauty, and this can be translated into a powerful active from Nature, Tucuma.

From a very resistant palm tree, a very valuable fruit is obtained in the Amazon. A fruit rich in macro and micronutrients, essential fatty acids, in addition to important functional bioactives such as carotenes and phenolic compounds.

Tucuma represents much more than a nutritional source, but a form of sustainable use of the forest, which generates income, opportunity and quality of life. The agroextractivism of this fruit is capable of reducing deforestation, fires and stimulates the development of the local bioeconomy.

Working since 2019 with agroextractivists of tucuma, CitroBio, located in the heart of the Amazon, in the state of Pará, is committed to bringing BRAZILIAN BEAUTY in a sustainable and responsible way to the cosmetic industry. Priding itself on being genuinely Brazilian and experiencing the real beauty of nature since its founding, CitroBio is one of the pioneering companies in the sustainable development of natural products from Brazil to the entire world, including tucuma.

Just like its original fruit, which revitalizes, beautifies and treats, tucuma byproducts are capable of inducing significant changes in human skin, from deeper layers, such as the dermis, to visual levels in the epidermis. And it was based on the studies of these very complete components that CitroBio developed two natural and pure bioactives HYALURONIC TUCUMA EXTRA and HYALURONIC TUCUMA PRO, which, in a complementary way, revitalize the skin from the inside out, protecting it from the negative effects of sun exposure. and everyday aggressions.

HYALURONIC TUCUMA EXTRA is extracted from the seeds of the fruit and has biocompounds that stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid by 27%, naturally present in the extracellular matrix of the dermis. The restoration of natural levels of this polymer improves the skin’s biomechanical properties, such as firmness, ensuring liveliness and uniformity. More than that, this powerful vegetable active reintegrates the skin barrier lipids, forming a pleasant film on the surface of the skin and functional in its inner layers.

In order to make full use of the tucuma fruit, CitroBio has also exclusively developed HYALURONIC TUCUMA PRO. Obtained from this tropical pulp, with a warm and intense color, this bioactive, in addition to maximizing the response of hyaluronic acid synthesis in fibroblasts exposed to UV radiation (in 44%), protects cellular activity in the production of this glycosaminoglycan (88%).

This means not only strengthening the body’s natural defenses against the effects of ultraviolet radiation, but also reversing some damage, such as cell aging.

The two products can be used as the main actives of cosmetic formulations together or acting individually, as they have different but complementary mechanisms of action. Applications range from facial care products for expression marks, sun protection, mature and dry skin to body formulations for skin revitalization, healing on all skin types.

In addition to these possibilities, HYALURONIC TUCUMA EXTRA is especially indicated to bring smoothness to formulations, guaranteeing outstanding sensorial, like a natural silicone and a new texture for different cosmetic experiences, such as treatment make-up. HYALURONIC TUCUMA PRO, on the other hand, provides a relaxing and delicate sensorial, with deep hydration power for healthier looking skin with fewer signs.

The great novelty of HYALURONIC TUCUMA EXTRA and HYALURONIC TUCUMA PRO is to bring to the cosmetic market unique Amazonian bioactives with proven effectiveness, which connect the science of nature to extracellular functions, returning life, vitality and uniformity to the skin of the face and body.