Cupuassu: promising fruit of Brazilian biodiversity for the global cosmetics market

The “Cupuaçuzeiro” (Theobroma grandiflorum) is one of the most important fruit trees in the Brazilian Amazon, and its fruit is widely approved in national and international markets, with economic potential for industrialization and commercialization.

Cupuassu Butter
Produced by CitroBio, it is obtained from the seed of the fruit. The entire value chain in butter production, from fruit extraction to processing, has a direct impact on the final product. Produced in a sustainable way, without harming the native environment, we offer the market a butter that guarantees all the properties of interest and that also generates income and improves the quality of life for local producers.

Cupuassu butter is a lipid composed of triglycerides, whose structure is a balanced composition between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which gives the product a low melting point (approximately 30°C) and the appearance of a soft solid that melts quickly when come into contact with the skin.

Potential substitute for animal-derived Lanolin
Cupuassu butter has several advantages! Among them are its triglycerides, which have excellent water absorption capacity (stabilizes emulsions and aids in hydration properties). An interesting fact is that the water absorption potential of this butter can reach 240%, higher than that of lanolin and some of the most common animal and plant steroids for this purpose.

Because of this, cupuassu butter can be used as an ointment to protect cracks and fissures in the skin, after-shave emulsions and hair masks.

Potential anti-pollution and anti-aging properties for hair and skin
Due to the emollient, moisturizing and healing properties of cupuassu butter, it is able to considerably reduce the process of dehydration and skin aging as well as treat dermatitis and ulcerations.

CitroBio’s cupuassu butter is an excellent active ingredient for shampoos for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair, creams for burns and dermatitis treatment, hand and foot lotions, moisturizing lipsticks, creamy deodorants, as well as children’s and anti-aging products.

Global Market and Applications
In the period between 2019 and 2022, more than 1100 products were launched worldwide using Cupuassu Butter. Found in all regions of the world, there is a predominance in Europe and Latin America, with increases of 52.38% and 69.35% between 2019 and the last year; in the Middle East and Africa, this increase was 80%, showing its great potential for the region as well. Asia and North America also represent potential regions for opportunities.

Among the most used categories are hair products (shampoo and conditioners), body products (in cream, butter, bars and lotion textures), in addition to makeup and hand care. The most common appeals range from sustainability and natural products (Botanical/Herbal) to performance (like Moisturizing/ Hydrating, Long-Lasting). A growing number are products that are not only natural and sustainable, but also vegan (Ethical – Animal, Vegan/No Animal Ingredients). All these appeals are still on the rise in several categories, especially post-pandemic, showing the consolidation of a trend.

Product Showcase
These are just a few examples of the most diverse applications that are possible with Cupuassu Butter:

CitroBio Cupuassu Butter Differentials
Social responsability: Our cupuassu butter has full traceability control. Seeds are harvested during the rainy season, when the fruit naturally detaches from the plant, thus respecting its maturation time. The fruits are then selected in a completely non-aggressive way to the environment.

Natural quality without refining process: The vegetable butters produced by CitroBio are not submitted to the refining stage. It would be at this stage that they are exposed to high temperatures in order to be neutralized, clarified and deodorized. However, this type of technique degrades those various biomolecules of high nutritional value, naturally present in oils and butters. In the process of obtaining it via cold pressing, used by CitroBio, its naturals compounds are preserved and their properties are guaranteed, since they do not undergo the thermal stress of refining.

Purity guaranteed quality: In addition, the company does not carry out any type of mixture (blend) to adulterate the butters it produces, since the oils used for this purpose do not have any nutritional benefit or any value that can be added to a final cosmetic. Thus, the plant products offered by CitroBio also preserve their natural aspects, such as characteristic color and odor, physical form and actual concentration of the substances of interest.

CitroBio is concerned with the future and well-being of its employees. Therefore, it uses local knowledge and culture combined with modern techniques and high quality standards to obtain its inputs and distribute them to all regions of the world. The company is committed to supporting social projects and initiatives in communities close to the production of its plant inputs, supporting various activities related to the areas of Health, Education, Sports and the Environment.

Now that you know a little more about CitroBio’s cupuassu butter, how about discovering in practice how this butter performs in

We have selected for you two formulas in different textures and formats with our butter, come formulate with us!


Restorative ointment against diaper rash

Fórmula Pomada restauradora contra assaduras

This formulation was developed to take care of mom and baby at the same time: free from diaper rash, the baby is ready to receive all the affection from mom’s hydrated and regenerated hands! Formulated with BABASSU OIL, this formulation says goodbye to irritation, in addition to a deep penetration of the actives, guaranteeing true activity with the softness that the baby needs. In addition, the CUPUASSU BUTTER in this ointment makes it have the perfect glide and instant absorption, without leaving stains on the skin or clothes. CITRUE BISABOLOL is Citróleo’s brand for the well-being of mother and child, ensuring a calming action and protecting from harmful microorganisms. Finally, CITRO UCUUBA repairs all the layers of the epidermis, restoring the stratum corneum and stimulating the proliferation of the cells that compose it.


  • Weigh phase A and heat;
  • Weigh phase B and heat;
  • Pour phase A into phase B under shaker;
  • Add C when the mixture reaches 40°C;
  • Add phase D;
  • Deposit in suitable container.

How to use: Apply to diaper rash and spread gently.


Lip Balm

CTR_fotos_formulasFoto 2

Essential and special daily care for the lips, free of lanolin. The star of this balm is our nourishing CUPUASSU BUTTER, an Amazonian fruit rich in vitamins and phytosterols. Repairs dryness and restores the skin’s natural elasticity. Combined with our GMO-free MACADAMIA OIL, the greatest natural source of omega 7, it prevents premature aging and restores its natural shine. And to complete the combination, our desirable BABASSU OIL, made in a sustainable way, from artisanal seeds harvested by women-breakers from the hinterland of Maranhão, which in addition to instant hydration, adds a healing and moisturizing effect.


  • Heat all the ingredients to 80°C and homogenize;
  • Deposit in a mold to complete solidification.

How to use: Glide generously under clean, dry lip any time you feel the need for instant hydration. Discreet and natural toning without artificial dye. Ensures greater absorption for any lipstick.