CitroTalks – The importance of efficacy testing on cosmetic ingredients

Those who think that in cosmetics the important thing is to formulate a product that looks good are very wrong. This idea is passed! Of course, we know that the purchase decision depends a lot on the appearance of the product, after all, we are visual beings, but a few years ago the trend – which has now become a rule – of the search for real activity in cosmetics and this activity that has been demanding more tests!

Let’s think of a pharmacist who develops a medicament: in the formulation of this product, he seeks an active ingredient that reaches the specific desired target. During the search for this principle, do you think this researcher would jeopardize the company’s investments and the patients’ own health by selecting a compound that has no information on mechanism of action or side effects? I hope you answered “No”! Well, cosmetology is no different, so we are always looking for new tests to prove the natural effectiveness of many of our actives, in a vast portfolio based on a lot of research, in silico, in vivo and in vitro tests.

The commitment to ensuring the effectiveness of ingredients is marked by the investment of companies in their Research, Development, and Innovation sectors, bringing into them science and technology previously protected by universities and research centers. My joining the Citróleo Group marked in my career a very big challenge by applying my knowledge in practical processes, as well as to communicate these results in a clear and concisely way so that other teams such as marketing and sales can transmit the value and benefits of laboratory tested products. Above all, I believe that the attention that Citróleo Group’s RD&I team receives highlights the company’s quest to always place itself at the frontier of knowledge in cosmetic ingredients and highlights it as a creator of trends in raw materials.


Sofia Dallasta Pedroso
Research and Development Assistant at Citróleo Group