CitroTalks – Business certification: it’s not enough to talk, it’s necessary to do!

We live in a world where technology and information have transformed the lives of companies and people. We can see that consumers are increasingly demanding with the products and brands they consume, imposing considerable requirements when making their purchase.

Is it organic? Is it Halal? Is it Cruelty Free? Is the management sustainable? What is the origin? Is there slave and child labor in the production chain? …

Since 2018, when I started to have contact with Citróleo Group certifications, I understood that it is not enough to talk, it is necessary to do it!

Complying with the standards established by national and international bodies is going beyond a certificate. It means showing the customer that my product is of high quality because there is a whole lot of care that starts there in the field to meet the requirements of the raw material they want. It is to prove that the product is organic because there is a differentiated planting and management for it to be considered as such. Or even, it is to adapt the company and the production process to comply with Islamic laws.

These are just a few examples of the daily life of Citróleo Group. But as an analyst I can say that when we go beyond the certificate, we see the result. The certifications allow a strategic and clean view of the business, maintain the constant quality of the product, allow the analysis of risks and opportunities, make continuous improvements and better, create a competitive differential against competitors.

Getting and maintaining a certification is not easy! It is a gradual work that requires patience and discipline. But in the end, it is satisfying when the customer trusts the product he is buying because he knows that the company meets his expectations.

And speaking of expectations, to be certified in a globalized world is to innovate, to show the consumer beyond what he expects.

And the Citróleo Group doesn’t stop! There’s a new certification coming soon.


Marilia Paschoalotti Martinelli
Regulatory Affairs and Quality Analyst