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Green CAPB-B

Free of any substance native of Palm tree and produced by the natural oil of Babaçu, the Green CAPB-B presents itself as an innovative amphoteric surfactant. It confers to the formulations more flexibility, because requires a lower percentage of viscosity donor electrolytes in the final product. This allows a reduction of the cloud point and more incorporation of actives without risk of phase separation. It is compatible with anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants.

Properties: Native of Babaçu oil, the Green CAPB-B has excellent dermal compatibility and associated with anionic surfactants, allow a synergistic reduction of irritability to the eyes and skin, brings a soft and creamy foam, besides that, it is naturally more viscous.

Indications: Can be used in clear and pearly shampoos formulations, formulations for kids, shower gel, shower foam, liquid soaps.