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Green Behenic (BAPDMA)

The Green Behenic (BAPDMA) is a new worldwide trend in conditioner active. Provides the feeling that the hair “drops”, because is rich in C22 and C24 long chain fatty acids, naturally being on the Pracaxi oil, which gives an excellent conditioner power with peerless final sensory. Another benefit is the presence of ômega-9 in its compositions, which confers an improvement in the hair gloss, besides the partial reparation of damages caused by external agents like hairdryer, hair chap and straightening process. The surfactant has vegetable source, is biodegradable, has low allergenicity and is free of ammonium. It is a non-ionic surfactant, that in acid medium presents cationic feature.

Properties: It is a high performance conditioning agent with excellent sensory properties, which is adsorbed by the negatively charged surface of the hair, without leaving residues or weighing the wires. It gives high, wet and dry, combability, soft touch and reduced frizz and volume.

Indications: It is indicated to be used in conditioner formulations, combing creams, treatment cream, serums, shampoos, among others.