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AlphaVelvety is a multifunctional active developed from the synergy between 100% natural ingredients. It has effective action on the mouth, skin and hair, since the first application. It has outstanding sensorial, ensuring dry, velvety and matte touch to the skin, as well as deep moisturizing to the hair.

Properties: AlphaVelvety is a multifunctional active for the body, face and hair, with an unprecedented balance between its biocompounds, oleic, lauric and myristic fatty acids. This guarantee complete absorption by the hair fiber, providing a hydrophobic protection to the surface of the hair. On the surface of the epidermis the dry touch is already felt in the first application, wrapping it in a protective film, promoting the feeling of healthiness, with a composition that simulate the skin, due to its great affinity for it.

Indications: Due to its broad action potential that ensures lips regeneration, it is indicated on balms, and lipsticks. In the capillary line, it can be applied in masks and shampoos to guarantee hydration and in conditioners for the treatment and softness of hair, in addition to finalizers.