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AlphaAging® is a new active, rejuvenating, 100% natural complex proven to decrease wrinkles and fine lines of skin. Promotes immediate lifting effect, improves firmness, lightness and elasticity of the skin, repairing damages and protecting the skin barrier against pollution and various external aggressors.

Properties: Rich in fatty acids, carotenoids (provitamin A) and natural antioxidants, it has a beneficial effect on the process of tissue repair by neutralizing free radicals. The components of this active are fundamental for the formation and deposition of collagen fibers and for cell proliferation. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and post-sun and depilatory soothing action, aiding in the prevention of skin aging. It is a natural alternative to retinoids and synthetic actives.

Indications: Indicated for products for face and body skin in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles, sagging, prolonged hydration. Also, indicated in sun products and post-sun action and post hair removal.