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Presence of nature in the personal care market

With a new brand positioning, Citróleo Group offers to the market a proposal of differentiated value, which is to offer 100% natural products with innovation and focus on the well being of the people. Pride of being a genuinely brazilian company, Citróleo Group operates in the manufacture of high quality raw materials for the personal care, household and pharmaceutical sector.

Citróleo built its own industrial park located in the hinterland of São Paulo, which counts of cut age laboratory and equipment, as well as is presente, with four other subsidiaries, in Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pará states.



Citróleo Group, with more than 33 years of experience in the market, has the commitment to preserve Brazilian biodiversity, with the objective to bring the essence of nature to its public in a sustainable way. For this, the company concentrates its efforts in research and development to offer innovation in the formulations and diverse solutions of natural ingredients.


“We are a company that reflects the nature at all times, because that we take seriously every manufacturing step since the extraction and stewardship of the raw material until to deliver to customers. Therefore, we would need a brand that connected with our values and represents the pillars of Citróleo, which are: nature, innovation and well being.”

Juliano Della Coletta –  COO


Currently the company offers four product lines to the national and international markets: Citrogreen (active and formulations), CitroForest (Brazilian biodiversity raw materials – Murumuru, Pracaxi, Andiroba, among others), CitroNature (natural and organic Alpha bisabolol) and CitroEssential (essencial oils).

With a careful look to the future, Citróleo Group has partnerships with universities to develop new sustainable solutions based on international trends and current market needs.

Citróleo Group, Nature by Itself


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