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Buriti – The tree of the life

The word buriti has its origin in the tupi-guarani mbiriti, which means “tree of life”. It is a plant native from Brazil abundant in the Amazonian region and it is an indication that, wherever it is, there is water nearby.

The plant also meets the needs of the human (health, food, housing, medicine, etc.). The leaves are used to cover houses, make carpets and jewelry (extra source of income to the community that region). From the spikes, it is possible to extract a liquid that becomes wine. From the sugary pulp, can be produced ice creams, liqueurs and juices. Also from the pulp, it can be extracted the oil, rich in beta-carotene, the main pro-vitamin-A source found in the vegetable kingdom, with high value to cosmetics industries.



Due to its ability to absorb radiations in the visible and ultraviolet light range, it is an excellent natural sunscreen and potentiating of the sunscreen. The oil is indicated for lotions, sensitive skin creams, anti-aging products, solar and post-solar products; Oils and hair conditioners and body oils.

It represents an important economic/social role and a source of income for the region

Citróleo offers the oil of this plant, and supports the extractivism in a sustainable way. In order to facilitate the process and maximize the oil production, Citróleo provided equipment to the communities (São Raimundo). In addition, it provides training in good practices and awareness for plant protection and land maintenance.


Embrace this cause:

“A melhor maneira de preservar o meio ambiente é manter a comunidade lá. Incentivar a comunidade a permanecer no campo, além de valorizar a riqueza do patrimônio ecológico local, contribui para a sua preservação. O cuidado começa dentro das comunidades, desde que é de O ambiente que a comunidade tem seu sustento “.