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You are our special guest at in-cosmetics 2017 We will be in one more edition of in-cosmetics Latin America with news and presenting the complete line of 100% natural products. Explore the world Citrus and connect with Brazilian Biodiversity for…


Presence of nature in the personal care market

With a new brand positioning, Citróleo Group offers to the market a proposal of differentiated value, which is to offer 100% natural products with innovation and focus on the well being of the people. Pride of being a genuinely brazilian…


Buriti – The tree of the life

The word buriti has its origin in the tupi-guarani mbiriti, which means "tree of life". It is a plant native from Brazil abundant in the Amazonian region and it is an indication that, wherever it is, there is water nearby.…


More news at In-cosmetics Global London – 2017

This year, the news continues. Citróleo promises to offer the market a new repellent ingredient, developed from natural bisabolol alpha and white pitch rosin. According to the supplier, this new raw material should catch the attention of manufacturers since the…


Citróleo’s participation in in-cosmetics Latin American 2016 was a success!

During the event Citróleo received in its booth, more than 500 visitors. The search for natural products highlights the company that is Natural by itself. Increasingly, consumers are concerned about labels and are looking for natural, healthier products. Attentive to…