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Citroleo Manifest

It’s time to change the way we think and behave. Transformation is necessary to the World and Human evolution. Reaching the so dreamed harmony between human and nature has never been so desired, therefore, we need to think about the…


Murumuru butter: indispensable in hydration and nutrition for personal care

The murumuru butter is obtained from the murumuruzeiro (Astrocaryum murumuru), a palm tree found throughout the Amazon region, mainly in the surroundings of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Each year, an average of 4 clusters of fruits are produced,…


100% pure and natural active is an effective alternative to synthetics in antiaging treatment

The vitamin A obtained from retinoids and derivatives (acid, aldehydes and esters) has been introduced in the treatment of dermatoses and photo-aging for over three decades. However, the use of retinoic acid has several side effects which include skin irritation,…


Pracaxi oil, benefits, properties and applications of the Amazonian alternative to silicones

The use of plants for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes is as old as humanity itself; it was already the main source and basis of all cosmetology, before the discovery of methods such as the synthesis of similar substances. However, even…


Green active – A Natural & Sustainable alternative with proven efficacy for capillary treatment and reconstruction – A World Trend.

Abstract The objective of the development of AlphaImprove 4D Hair was to bring to the cosmetics market an innovation with product 100% natural, using sustainable sources along with proven efficacy in hair treatment. It is a Brazilian Active, rich in…


Citróleo presents ingredients of Brazilian biodiversity with sophisticated sensory in in-cosmetics

Inspired by nature, Citróleo presents in-Cosmetics butters and vegetable oils of Brazilian biodiversity with a differentiated approach. The treatment of the raw material in the field, which includes training and fair price for the communities, respect for the harvesting period…