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Green Behenic: New conditioning agent with Technology in line with Nature

It is estimated that in the period between 2003 and 2013, the food and cosmetics global market demand for palm oil leaded to its production to reach double values. However, contrary to this demand, a study led by researchers at…


The charms of the Amazon directly from the “Tree of Life”: Buriti Oil

Directly from the dense and humid forests of the North of Brazil, there is a tree, very popular among the local population, which can reach beautiful 25 meters high. From December to April it is possible to follow the time…


AlphaComplete® Body

Balance and Maintenance in Skin Microbiome Keeping the skin clean and healthy goes beyond removing the accumulated dirt day by day with soap and water. The maintenance of skin health is much more structured and now it is known that…


Amphoteric surfactant of vegetable origin for multifunctional use in personal care

An experience of incentive, innovation and sustainability Green CAPB-B is a co-surfactant supplied by Citróleo that has proven efficacy in aiding the thickening of formulations, viscosity adjustment with lower amount of electrolytes, conditioning and forms a soft and creamy foam…


Sustainability and value of origin in the production of Babaçu Oil

Benefits, performance and efficiency Babaçu is the generic name given to oil palm trees belonging to the family Palmaceae and members of the genera Attalea and Orbignya. The babaçu coconut palm reaches between 10-30 meters in height and can reach…


Eco Scrub Murumuru: natural exfoliant

A biodegradable alternative to synthetics microbeads The use of plants for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes is as old as humanity itself; it was already the main source and basis of all cosmetology, before the discovery of methods like the synthesis…