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We are one of the pioneer Brazilian companies in the sustainable development of Brazilian Biodiversity products.

We are a 100% Brazilian company, one of the pioneers in the sustainable development of biodiversity products from our country to the whole world. More than 35 years ago, our roots were fixed in fertile soil, building our essence based…


In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic and seven months pregnant, I was invited to manage the innovation and business sector at Citroleo Group!

Eloa’s mother, who is only 5 months old, I can say that I am the most accomplished person in the world. This year, amidst the pandemic and with that belly of 7 months of pregnancy, I was invited to take…


Challenges and perceptions when being promoted to a leadership position!

My name is Vanderson Oliveira and I’ve been part of the Citróleo Group since 2007. Within these 14 years in the company I’ve worked in several areas of the production process, which allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge…


Small actions like this free thousands of dogs from the streets and abandonment

My name is Gabriela Rocha and I've always loved animals, I've always had dogs since I was a child. That's when Tobby came into my life, in an adoption ad on a sheet of paper in a restaurant across from…


The alliance between technological innovation and talent management

I am Tabata Nucci and I am part of the Citróleo Group since 2019. Currently I am working as an Accounting Assistant. I started my career as an intern in the human resources department and through the need and expansion…


The importanceof mastering the English language for foreign trade

Foreign trade is a reality linked to our era. In times of globalization, the interrelationship between companies, countries and spaces is more and more frequent. In our day-to-day lives here at Citróleo the challenge of communicating with customers and partners…