Murumuru butter: indispensable in hydration and nutrition for personal care

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Murumuru butter: indispensable in hydration and nutrition for personal care

The murumuru butter is obtained from the murumuruzeiro (Astrocaryum murumuru), a palm tree found throughout the Amazon region, mainly in the surroundings of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Each year, an average of 4 clusters of fruits are produced, where, in each cluster, an average of 300 fruits can be found. And it is in the seeds of this fruit that we find the Amazonian gold, a highly effective multifunctional, nutritious and emollient butter produced by Citróleo through cold pressing.

Murumuru butter has the great advantage of having low acidity. Due to the large amount of saturated fatty acids, such as lauric (C12: 0) and myristic (C14: 0), this butter has a unique consistency. It still mixes well with other oils that melt at the lowest temperature.

Like the oleic acid, lauric acid facilitates penetration of the skin and scalp. In addition, it is precursor to a well-established antimicrobial, monolaurin. This explains why the murumuru butter is very resistant to rancidity. So along with its antimicrobial properties, murumuru butter is recognized as a source of vitamins A and E, as well as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Due to its high concentration of lauric acid the murumuru butter can replace the mineral silicone perfectly in formulations for products of skin and lipsticks, in addition to conditioning action on hair. The great advantage is that the murumuru butter promotes intense hydration without obstruct the pores of the skin and still guarantees all the nutrition needed to keep both, hair and skin, healthy.

In the hair, the murumuru butter treats the dried and brittle hair in a long-lasting way, since it has the power to form a protective barrier against the action of external agents. This is due to its balanced ratio between lauric and myristic fatty acids, resulting in soft hair without volume and frizz.

In the skin, the murumuru butter acts in the maintenance of the lipid barrier, since it is quickly absorbed. It can even be directly applied to the skin, be it dry or combination skin, promoting hydration, nutrition and protection. Thus, it protects the skin against oxidative external factors by forming a protective film such as silicone, but with the advantage of not harming lipid exchange or obstruct the pores of the skin.

It is easy to understand the great demand for products derived from murumuru butter: it is versatile; acts from the root of the hair until the alignment, being used a lot in afro and curly hair. It can act on the skin, reviving the natural moisture and protecting against the aggressions of the day to day. In addition, the butter is present in the makeup, conferring more than consistency, nutrition, shine and softness.

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