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Citróleo Group

Citróleo is a 100% Brazilian company. Present in the market for more than 33 years, its brand has been established and is internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment to sustainability.

The company offers 100% natural and sustainable products that add quality and benefits to a wide range of personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, home care and fragrance products and are distributed to all regions of the world.

Citróleo Group has developed its own industrial park with laboratories, equipment and state-of-the-art technology and has subsidiaries located in 3 states of Brazil: Minas Gerais, southern Bahia and northern Pará.

Citróleo - Headquarter

Torrinha / SP

Where is produced the Natural Alpha Bisabolol and the actives of the CitroGreen Actives Line.

Citróleo – Subsidiary

Carrancas e São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo / MG

Citróleo has two subsidiaries for the extraction of oil from Candeia tree, raw material for production of Natural Alpha Bisabolol . Citróleo maintains a program for the production of seedlings and sustainable plantings. This program, which includes the production and distribution of more than 100,00 seedlings per year, is conducted at the Citróleo farm in Baependi – MG, where experimental studies are also developed in partnership with Federal University of Lavras, focusing on the sustainable management of natural forests.

Citroflora – Citróleo group

Ituaçu / BA

Citroflora, a company of Citróleo group, is located in Ituaçu in Bahia. There we produce the essential oils from Candeia tree, eucalyptus, citronella and tea tree oil, where we constantly invested in plantations for sustainable supply. The seedlings are produced in partnership with rural producers of the municipalities of region. Communities receive the seeds and techniques for breeding nurseries in public areas, thereby generating we source of permanent income that is also associated with training, good health and hygiene practices.With recognized quality, Citroleo’s essential oils are indicated to meet the demand of the fragrance industries and household cleaning products.

Amazônia em Gotas – Citróleo Group

Santa Luzia do Pará / PA

Citróleo offers a line of natural products extracted from sustainable sources of Brazilian Biodiversity. Produced in its subsidiary, Amazônia em Gotas in Santa Luzia do Pará, its products are 100% natural and widely used in different applications by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, fragrance industries. Respecting the biodiversity of the forest and environmental standards, Citróleo works with local communities, contributing to its development and consequent income generation.

Our History

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Our Essence

“We take the essence from nature to people”


Nature is a precious active of our company’s, once the raw material for products development depends directly on its conditions, so the ecosystem balance and biodiversity are fundamental to the present’s and the future’s business. This makes Citróleo a green company with aggressive sustainability policies and focus on natural products.


Research and development seeking for innovation is one of the most important activities of the company. It is the act to transform nature’s raw materials into active functional ingredients, comprising the properties of each element and directing them to applications that maximize its benefits. Another important process is the combination of elements aiming at the creation of a specific product and high added value, always with high quality control and proof results.


Cosmetics contribute to the self-esteem of people, who are increasingly concerned about their health, beauty and feeling of well being with themselves. Knowing that people are the center of attention of the company, all the actions taken are aimed at the well being of this public, including its contributors who count on policies of the communities development that work in its subsidiaries.

Citróleo in the world

More than active ingredients, values that connect Brazilian Biodiversity with well being.

For more than 33 years in the market, Citróleo, internationally recognized for its quality standard, has been exporting to several countries in South America to the North, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Our values begin in the treatment of the raw material in the fields of Biodiversity of Brazil, glimpsing the attendance to the most current tendencies of the cosmetic sector worldwide.



Política do Sistema de Gestão

A Citróleo, localizada em Torrinha, Estado de São Paulo, produz e comercializa no mercado interno e externo, produtos destinados às indústrias farmacêuticas e de cosméticos, sendo orientada pelas seguintes diretrizes:

•  Comprometimento em atender as legislações, as normas do Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade e Meio Ambiente e outros requisitos aplicáveis;

•  Promover a melhoria contínua do seu sistema de gestão;

•  Atender as necessidades e expectativas dos seus clientes e partes interessadas;

•  Respeitar o meio ambiente e a comunidade através da prevenção e tratamento adequado de seus efluentes líquidos, resíduos sólidos, emissões atmosféricas e utilizar racionalmente os recursos naturais;

•  Manter uma constante integração com seus clientes e fornecedores;

•  Respeitar e buscar o desenvolvimento de seus colaboradores.


MAIO DE 2018



Certificado ISO 9001

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