Green Cocoamphoacetate B, Natural, safe and effective solution for a new surfactant trend

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Green Cocoamphoacetate B, Natural, safe and effective solution for a new surfactant trend

A very important and recurring subject in the beauty market is the safety of cosmetic products. Within the new up-to-date consumer market, with quick information and knowledgement of the used products, there is a growing demand for safe ingredients with no adverse effects.

A recent survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, screened by Mintel, shows that 45% of parents of 0-4-year old who buy beauty and personal care products agree that it is difficult to know what is safe for their children. Thus, suppliers of raw materials use the latest technological innovations to produce safe, effective and increasingly natural ingredients. But more than that, it takes transparency and tradition to deliver true clean beauty.

The importance of all this effort involves more than getting a good product; It represents the company’s respect for consumers who seek ethical and conscientious practices. And examples abound: according to Nielsen (2015) 45% of consumers prefer brands with environmental and social responsibility. However, 65% of generation Z, which comprises the range of consumers between 15 and 30 years, wants to know the origin of the product before buying. In addition, 70% of global consumers support the end of animal testing (ABHIPEC, 2019).

In this scenario, Citróleo stands out for its sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity, combining knowledge and technology to produce safe and natural surfactants. So, pioneering in the domestic market, the company launched a new product line that adds the richness of the Amazonian nature to the highest technology applied in cosmetics, the CitroTech line. This line comprises surfactants of natural origin from fully traceable vegetable sources that preserve the unique and special characteristics of their original products.

The latest release of this line is Green Cocoamphoacetate B, an amphoteric surfactant developed from unrefined babaçu oil, with the main feature being softer and gentler to the skin and scalp. The innovative process of obtaining this product keeps the purity and original nutrients of the fruit preserved and its sustainable production chain also allows full traceability.

Green Cocoamphoactetate B (INCI Name: Sodium Babassuamphoacetate), COSMOS Approved, is rich in medium and long chain triglycerides. Thus, the entire fatty acid chain of babassu oil are in the surfactant, making it naturally more viscous, with a pleasing sensory and emollient finishing touch. As a premise of the CitroTech line, Green Cocoamphoactate B is 100% palm oil free and delivers fantastic results and superior to the regular market.

Its mild co-surfactant action delivers non-aggressive performance and, in an acidic environment, aids in the conditioning power of the formulation, reducing the required quaternary ammonium content. This guarantees the formulator the use of less irritating ingredients in the formulation. Also, the reduction in the list of ingredients means less disposal of emerging contaminants into the environment, completing the cycle of preservation and environmental concern.

Figure 1. Evaluation of the conditioning potential of Green Cocoamphoacetate B against the conventional palm oil product.

But the great experience brought by Green Cocoamphoacetate B is the cost benefit. With regard to surfactants made from refined palm oil, Citróleo’s ingredient performs better, ensures more stable and creamy foaming and even reduces the cost of formulation!

Figure 2. Higher action of Green Cocoamphoacetate B with 50% less product over Sodium Cocoamphoacetate derived from palm oil.

A simple test shows how amazing the product is: a 10% solution of Green Cocoamphoacetate B under stirring for 2.5 minutes produces a more creamy, full-bodied and stable foam than the same solution, but with 20% of similar market, made with palm oil. Thus, in addition to being more viscous, easy to incorporate and compatible with a wide range of surfactants, the use of Green Cocoamphoacetate B helps to reduce irritability; synergistically, this co-surfactant decreases the aggressiveness of sulfated anionic surfactants and ensures less use of surfactants in the formulation.

Green Cocoamphoacetate B can be used in hair and body cleansers such as liquid and bar soaps, children’s hair and body shampoos, including milder sulfate-free formulations. It can also be incorporated into facial cleansers such as shaving foams and make-up removals. In addition, Green Cocoamphoacetate B has a delicate touch and is ideal for cleansing formulations that require softness. Its delicate action also decreases the rebound effect, since all the properties of babaçu oil are preserved.

As a 2016 Euromonitor International survey of consumers around the world shows, 53% strongly believed they could make a difference to the planet through their choices and actions. And, based on this strength and hope of changing habits and attitudes that Citróleo moves its efforts. For the company’s respect for safety in the cosmetic market, the consumer and the environment.