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Ever Green! 36 years of sustainable actions in flow with nature

What is it to be natural, organic and sustainable? What is the indicator that says how engaged a company’s values are? Would they be its products? Would they be its people? Is its brand? Or is it all that?

The term sustainability, while currently widely used and reframed many times in this process, refers to the ability to maintain the environment which is lived with the least possible impact. In other words, it means being in fluidity with the environment around you, meeting the needs of present generations without harming future ones.

The discussions on this topic started long ago, in the 16th century in Germany. Since then, several strategic concepts, notions of growth and rational use of resources have been derived. But it was only in 1992, on ECO-92 in Rio de Janeiro, that Brazil in fact began to monitor actions around sustainability and, mainly, sustainable development.


Well before that, in 1984 Citróleo was born. With the intention of producing the purest and most desired essential oils for various sectors of the beauty and home care market. Citróleo started its activities in the interior of São Paulo, with its own planting and in partnerships. In a pioneering way, in 1988 the production of Alpha Bisabolol Natural da candeia began. It was just the first step in a journey that lasts 36 years of sustainable growth.

Even before the term SUSTAINABILITY became a “boom” in the media, Citróleo was already moving its efforts towards the responsible production of Candeia tree oil, the raw material of Alpha Bisabolol Natural.


The projects in this regard involved the financing of a study on the management of Candeia, which was conducted in partnership with one of the main universities centers in the state of Minas Gerais, where this tree is produced. The partnership with UFLA (Federal University of Lavras) and CNPQ (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) strengthened the company’s ideals with concrete actions, which in addition to preserving the species Eremanthus erythropappus, did not allow Candeia to enter the list of endangered species. This engagement generated awards for Citróleo, and the production of a book.

Cover of the book that shows the entire journey of use and sustainable management of Candeia.

However, the greatest gain for the Candeia specie and the future generations was the creation of a federal law that regulates the management of this tree. Only by obeying all the requirements of this law is it possible to use the Candeia wood and then produce its oil. This involves submitting a complete management plan that must be approved by government agencies. And all of this was only possible due to all Citróleo’s commitment to Candeia, to nature and to all the people involved. It’s Citróleo building its Ever Green concept.



With the years and the solidity of the actions with the handling of the Candeia, Citróleo felt confident for a new step in this sustainable development path. In 2012 Citróleo completed the acquisition of an industrial park in the state of Pará, northern Brazil, in the Amazon Rainforest region. This important step was a natural flow of actions, since in the race for innovation and new products, the company followed the market demand for natural products from Brazilian Biodiversity.

The lines with Amazonian products represent what is most valuable to Citróleo: the alliance between nature, innovation and well-being. In the process of planning these activities, Citróleo envisioned taking all the knowledge acquired with the production of Candeia in the state of Minas Gerais to communities in the north and northeast of Brazil. This ensures the fluidity required for new businesses with the least socio-environmental impact. Ever Green!



Obtaining Amazonian vegetable oils and butters involves an extensive prior study of the entire production chain. The first action is the identification of possible raw materials versus the impact on the market, associated with the potential of the supply chain. Only then does the study of the composition of the raw material begin. But the main link in this chain is the search for companies aligned with the sustainable use of the forest for the elaboration of a project with the producing communities.

This balance between the creation of new production chains and socioenvironmental concern is at the very heart of sustainability, it is to realize the background of these projects, in obtaining natural ingredients, ecofriendly, generating extra income for the people involved. It means the rational use of the forest in a sustainable way and the preservation of the standing and valuable forest.



But, more than just how to obtain it, the footprint that each new ingredient or product leaves on the planet is also an important study criterion. Citróleo supplies biodegradable products, 100% natural and pure, always clear to the market. Traceability is guaranteed due to direct contact with the producer and complete knowledge of the production chain. In addition to generating trust and original value, Citróleo guarantees a high-quality standard. Always Green, Always Transparent.

Citróleo believes in all sustainability links: people, processes and products.

These concerns are extending to the end of the production process. Among other actions, in the production of Alfa Bisabolol Natural, all wastewater is reused. The kernel cake (popularly known as pie) obtained when the seeds are cold pressed, for the production of vegetable oils, generate rich inputs for other markets, in addition to being able to generate new raw materials for Personal Care, such as the Eco Scrub Murumuru.

Murumuru Production Cycle: sustainable from start to finish



And nothing more contemporary than, besides ensuring the preservation of natural resources, encouraging people to follow the concept of staying Ever Green! Citróleo provides to the Candeia producing partners the necessary inputs to make the production of Candeia honey viable.

In addition to improving seed quality, the beekeeping represents a very interesting social benefit factor. Partner employees and producers earn extra income, as Citróleo has no intention of generating financial profit from this project. Citróleo only fosters the synergy between the social and environmental values on which its creation was based. Pollinators will be fundamental for the management of species in the region.


Spaces for beekeeping. Producers still say that Candeia honey has special properties.

The concept developed by Citróleo for 2020 comes naturally, in synergy with the company’s actions. In this way Ever Green is a reflection on its past, with concrete present actions, envisioning a future supported by innovation, nature and well-being for the next generations.

Being in flow with nature is giving it back beyond and more than it gives us. It is taking care of nature just as it takes care of us through its generous offer of wealth: the trees, seeds, fruits, vitamins and the energy that are necessary for our health and well-being.

And it is this feeling that makes Citróleo a living part of the entire ecosystem, carrying a clean and sustainable brand for those to come. Whether in natural and engaged products, or in people who cross this path.