Citróleo Group innovates in studies and positions its products to meet global trends

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Citróleo Group innovates in studies and positions its products to meet global trends

Consumer Market and Behavior Trends

Observing and understanding consumer demands and finding a trendline is the key to good business in any industry. This is especially true for the cosmetics industry, where the search for news is intense, but more so, as they are products closely related to well-being and personality, reflect the lifestyle of users.

The Citróleo Group, always attentive to the technological advances, research and demands of this sector, aligns with the expectations of its clients complete solutions to the most diverse challenges. To illustrate its new approach, the company repositioned its products in front of the most current trends in personal care, from inception to final performance.

Natural is the new black

There is no doubt that the search for the natural is the main guide of consumer trends. Panels already indicate that what was considered passing actually dictates the rules of innovation and development, and large companies are already moving strategies in this direction.

Being natural and sustainable is the main base of the Citróleo Group. The company, each year of its operation, becomes more recognized as a manufacturer of natural, complete, pure and effective ingredients. In the market for just under 6 years, the company has the CitroForest line, consisting of vegetable oils and butters, resins, natural scrubs and some essential oils, all of Brazilian biodiversity.

They are raw materials manufactured with careful processes, from the choice of fruits and seeds to storage. This production system guarantees all the properties and benefits for the final product: personal care, face, hair and body products. Through this line, Citróleo Group provides the market with differentiated sensory products, achieved with 100% natural products.

Less is more: from green wave to indie brands

The green wave that took over the shelves brought with it a strand that also each year gains more fans: that of minimalism. Decreasing or consciously consuming is a practice that always returns in times of economic instability, but nowadays it is more ingrained, especially as it has become a lifestyle. Thus, some consumers prefer alternative but multifunction products.

So, with a unique line of natural and vegan products, CitroGreen, Citróleo impresses its brand in the competitive actives market. All products in this line have been carefully developed with a view to providing several benefits, proven by clinical trials in humans.

A practical example is the recent launch AlphaVelvety, which promotes protection and softness on the hair and delivers regenerating skin with pleasant dry touch and matte effect. All in one ingredient! Interesting also to mention the AlphaComplete grid, which in addition to regulating the skin microbiome, acts to combat oiliness, both skin and hair, preventing and treating problems such as dandruff and acne. The background of the CitroGreen line is the synergy of the ingredients, which provides distinct mechanisms of action, allowing the various faces of action.

The line has solutions for stretch marks, moisturizing and skin barrier protection, thermal protection and redensification for the hair, firming and reducing facial wrinkles action, among others. All in democratic ingredients, for any skin type, non-gender, and dermatologically tested.

My product my rules

Thinking that this is the age of the most engaged consumer, it is now consolidated the image of the individual and his position as an individual in society. And of course this reflected in their purchases and demands; Specific and custom items steal the scene and have become objects of desire. Nowadays there are already practical industries associated with this trend, such as mass customization, showing that even large companies customize products, even with limitations in production lines.

So, to maximize results and reach each customer independently, yet deliver global solutions, a deep and detailed level of product understanding is required. Within this scope of technological innovation, the Citróleo Group strives not only to control the

quality of its final raw materials, but to identify all components that lead to the final performance of these products.

In practice, the focus of this innovation was on discovering the properties of each fatty acid individually in its vegetable oils and butters, and how it could be reversed into benefits in a cosmetic product. In addition, the mechanisms of action involved and the synergy between this lipid fraction and the unsaponifiable matter (vitamins, carotenes, sterols) of these oils and butters were elucidated.

All this characterization and openness of composition aims to explore as much information and applications as possible of each product in the company portfolio and especially focus on the individuality and particularity of each. This enables the best targeting of each ingredient for each formulation, improving its action potential.

Moreover, this has enabled the development of new products, with more and more technology added to the complex potential that only a 100% natural and pure product can achieve.

Be free…from

To be beautiful is to feel good. At least that is what the projections for the beauty market indicate in the coming years. And to feel good is to take care of yourself, selecting what you eat and also what you use considering the interactions between cosmetics, skin and hair. In this sense, products that have the “free of” claim are also worth mentioning. And this trend involves not only the components of the products, but the origin of each one of them.

Palm oil and its derivatives are products widely used in various formulations. However, its intensive cultivation and extraction has left a legacy of devastating rainforests as well as water and air pollution.

So, in an innovative way, Citróleo has overcome this challenge and created a more effective and sustainable alternative to palm oil derived surfactants. The CitroTech line, 100% free from palm, represents the alliance between technology and value of origin, showing that it is possible to obtain specialties from natural sources and in a sustainable way.

Best of all, the choice of each ingredient used enhances the functionality of products, which are proven to be more cost effective than regular ones on the market. The line has surfactants for hair and skin care applications, obtained from Brazilian biodiversity oils.

Fair Trade

Above all, the Citróleo Group invests in transparency, ethics and responsibility; It delivers products that are notably desired by this growing market of natural ingredients, with benefits that come from years of the experience of local producing communities coupled with the innovation of presenting products in ways never before seen.

The Group has partnerships with producing communities and cooperatives, mainly in northern Brazil, in the Amazon region. There, they develop family work, provide inputs for job security, and pay fairly, allowing these workers to continue in the fields while keeping the forest standing.

In this way, the company increasingly strives to promote the sustainable and conscious use of the Amazonian riches, as well as preserving the entire history and knowledge of its local producing population, strengthening its pillars of innovation, social and environmental responsibility, promotion of well-being and contemplation the needs and demands of customers.