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Eco Scrub Murumuru: natural exfoliant

A biodegradable alternative to synthetics microbeads

The use of plants for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes is as old as humanity itself; it was already the main source and basis of all cosmetology, before the discovery of methods like the synthesis of similar substances. However, even in replacing animal sources, synthetic chemicals do not always perform well. On the other hand, the potential of the market for oils and vegetable butter grows each year, mainly influenced by the awareness of the consumer market that sees in this raw material a sustainable and efficient solution.

In this sense, there is a demand for ingredients capable of offering a greater benefit than just the proposal of the cosmetic product, so that now the consumer market is more attentive of what is consumed. The entire production chain is now evaluated, and the purchase decision will also be based on other aspects, such as possible waste generated, the correct disposal, and the ethical positioning of suppliers.


Noble destination for industrial waste

Another important consideration within this scenario is the increase of products obtained from waste generated by other production activities. With this perspective, the murumuru butter, one of the most renowned Amazonian products with unrestricted use in the beauty market, generates a kernel cake (or pie), after the extraction of the butter, with great processing potential.

This is because the murumuru butter has great emollient and moisturizing power and is a great source of tocopherols and tocotrienols of vitamin E. This butter is widely known because of its properties in the hair, but in the skin its action is equally incredible. The murumuru butter acts in the maintenance of the lipid barrier of protection against external agents and the loss of water. All these benefits increase the viability of exploring the residues generated by obtaining the butter, taking full advantage of its potentiality.

Then, from the micronization of the murumuru kernel cake, Citróleo launches the Eco Scrub Murumuru. The exfoliant is 100% natural, so that no chemical additive or preservative is used for its preservation. The Eco Scrub Murumuru has natural coloration and is effective in removing dead cells, contributing to the renewal and increase of the vitality of the skin.

The Eco Scrub Murumuru has a mesh of 425μm and 250μm, indicating a flexibility in use, and can be formulated in different types of cosmetics, including bath products such as gels, exfoliating butters, bar and liquid soaps, creams with gentle exfoliation besides less fluid lotions. The applications cover items for the face and the whole body.


Combating the plastic microbeads– “Beat the Microbead”

Another great motivation in the development of an innovative product such as the Eco Scrub Murumuru is the recent concern with the high negative impact potential that the use of polyethylene microbeads causes, especially in the marine ecosystem. An initiative that has been in place since 2012, known as “Beat the Microbead”, aims to prevent all this plastic material from reaching the oceans.

Also within this project was created an application in which consumers can indicate which products contain this type of material, so that their purchase is avoided. The big problem with plastic microbeads is that, in general, wastewater treatment plants are not designed to adequately filter them, so they also contribute to the plastic mountain in all the world’s oceans.

Marine animals absorb or eat this microbeads, which passing along the marine food chain, can end up contaminating even humans, the top of this food chain. Another problem observed is that these microbeads are not biodegradable and once they enter the marine environment, they are impossible to be removed.

In order to promote a sustainable alternative to this mountain of waste generated, Citróleo Group presents Eco Scrub Murumuru, a real renovation in the natural exfoliating market. It is obtained from renewable sources, offers no risks to the fauna or flora, or humans, is biodegradable (100% natural origin and without chemical modifications) and worldwide approved.


Renewing the skin with a 100% natural and sustainable product

The Murumuru Eco Scrub directly provides a natural rejuvenation, from the physical stimulation of the epithelial tissues, giving the skin a pleasant dry touch and softness. So synergistically, the regenerative power, the gentle and special exfoliation of Murumuru Eco Scrub, promotes a true deep treatment in the skin: they stimulate the blood circulation, and remove impurities and dead cells. In addition, the Eco Scrub Murumuru is effective even in the treatment and prevention of acne, even on oilier skins.

It should also be noted that all Citróleo Group’s products are fully traceable and the sustainability is guaranteed throughout the entire value chain, from the choice of seeds to the sale of the final product. A highlight that can be made is for the harvest of the fruits, which occurs during the rainy season, when they naturally detach from the plant, respecting its natural ripening time.

In this way, there are several riches and benefits that the Amazon can bring directly from their forests to the hands of consumers. Always innovating and guaranteeing the well-being of future generations, Citróleo Group has developed the exclusive Eco Scrub Murumuru, a powerful natural exfoliant, free of plastic polymers, that combines a noble destination of an industrial residue (murumuru kernel cake) with the benefits of its product of origin.