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Natural ingredients for Personal Care as safe and intelligent solutions for the current world scenario

How to overcome the barrier imposed by the pandemic generated by COVID-19? Perhaps that is the question that 10 out of 10 people ask themselves daily. More than social isolation, this pandemic situation also brought instability and a certain uncertainty for the coming months. In this scenario, new demands arise with new ways of looking at old habits and routines. An example of this, indicated by behavioral researches, is that the consumer of the personal hygiene and beauty products market now directs their purchase interest, mainly, to specific sectors of the market, which refer to safety and well-being.

In this sense, not only have the factors of interest changed, but also the way of interacting with the brands. A survey by Euromonitor International in this year shows that, in a macro view, in addition to the rise of digital media and relationships, the consumer is also more engaged. This means that in the medium and long term, producers of raw materials, packaging, finished products will experience a wave of people interested in giving new meanings to the concepts of health, well-being and relationships with the planet.

The digital future of the beauty industry together with the concern to take care of yourself more naturally.

Although the drop experienced in some retail sectors in the short term, we will quickly see a normalization, led by commercial actions focused on conquering this new wave of demand for these benefits. So, to encourage optimism in the face of the challenges of resuming activities, Citróleo turns its attention to innovation. In addition to adding even more dynamism to its portfolio of natural ingredients, Citróleo offers the market solutions to real challenges. To meet a growing consumer demand, the Citróleo Group presents its pillars and concepts for new product formats: CLEANING, HYGIENE and HEALTH, together with the benefits brought about as PREVENTION, PROTECTION and PRESERVATION.

Redefining searches and habits of buyers of personal care and beauty products.

“Citróleo brings selected products for this new relationship experience. What we want to pass on is the same message that we feel within our work: maintaining optimism, teamwork and focusing our actions, it is possible to go through this moment. And even stronger and more confident.” says the Group’s Global Commercial and Marketing Manager, Flávia Jesuíno.

Flávia Jesuino of Citróleo, reinforcing the company’s values ​​in the face of new challenges.



First and fundamental pillar of the Citróleo-triad. The concept of cleaning is very broad, but in this case, cleaning means removing accumulated dirt and contaminants. What is more, taking into account the indiscriminate use of cleaning products, an important benefit that can be added to these formulas is smoothness.

Knowing the global awareness of the basic means of overcoming this global crisis, Citróleo emphasizes its duty as a company that owns natural and sustainable products, to help people cope with life changes related to the pandemic. Still, aware of the whole scenario, promoting knowledge and solutions to contribute positively to it.

Citróleo’s solutions for safe, efficient and gentle cleaning:

  • Green CAPB-B

  • Green Cocoamphoacetate B

  • Eucalipto Oil



Another important factor of concern is hygiene. Historically, the notion of hygiene is strongly influenced by the environment in which one lives, depending on several other factors, being one of the aspects that define a person’s culture. However, with all the new globally accepted guidelines for tackling the pandemic, some subjective concepts now take on other proportions. In this way, some habits and products to compose the routine of hygiene care unifies the population and is now accepted in any culture.

And this is very clear when we analyze how the world, unanimously, adjusts to a “new normal”, which indicates, in addition to hygiene, safety. Researches shown by Nielsen Bases Quick Screen and the Cosmetics and Toiletries portal show the main demands for investments in cosmetic products:

  • Protects family against germs and bacteria
  • Kills germs and bacteria in an effective way
  • Kills germs and bacteria in a natural way
  • Keeps my immune system strong
  • Keeps my family safe from diseases

Innovations of the Citróleo Group to complement daily care with the various personal hygiene and home care procedures:

  • AlphaShield

  • Tea Tree Oil

  • Citrue Bisabolol

  • Breu Branco Oil



And to finish the natural protection solutions, why not consider the aspects related to our health? According to Euromonitor International (2020), consumers of beauty products related to improved health are looking for their “happy holistic”. This means that mental well-being is now at the forefront of these consumers’ concerns. So, behavior, purchase desires and priorities will focus on self-care.

According to Nielsen (2020), as one of the post-pandemic effects, people will develop, along with normal hygiene habits, a self-care routine with health that will include, not only concern with health, but also nutrition and sanitation. This opportunity for new product formats represents how actions like this one from Citróleo can further strengthen consumer awareness of these topics, capturing and expanding long-term demands. Self-care is the new normal!


How Citróleo contributes to a happier and healthier world:

  • Copaiba Balm and Oil

  • Andiroba Oil


Upgrading the beauty routine: hand care is the novel normal: It does not help so much care with sanitization, antimicrobial protection, cleaning if hydration is also not one of the crucial steps of self-care. After all, if the skin is our largest organ, the skin barrier is an important defense shield. And what is the solution to this increased dryness and hand sensitization? Simple, hydration, hydration, hydration.


So, our bets could not be different:

  • Ucuúba Butter and Pracaxi Oil: Hydration, Repair and Regeneration

  • Cupuaçu and Murumuru Butter: Hydration, Nutrition and Revitalization

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