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A movement to clean up the labels. Meet Clean Beauty

The Clean Beauty

Green, Natural, Organic, Vegan … More and more consumers are faced with new product categories to include in their purchase choices. The newest movement within the beauty market has been heating launches and increasing the expectations of those who want to make more conscious consumption (for themselves and the world): Clean Beauty!

There is no standardization of what Clean Beauty means, however, if the product or raw material doesn’t have toxic ingredients and values transparency for the consumer, then it is already included in this category.

This term in English, still open to wide interpretation, refers to those products that show awareness to the entire consumer chain: from the relationship with nature, through the ethical responsibility of suppliers and extending to health and well-being, including of the animals. This is because more than non-toxic, cosmetics in this category are extremely transparent to the consumer, regarding ingredients and claims.


How to identify clean products?

Often, hidden on labels, are the preservatives, related to increased cancer and hormonal problems, such as parabens. Also, in this category, with the name of fragrances, enter the dangerous phthalates, in addition to mineral oil that is derived from petroleum.

So, choosing products that contain safe raw materials is the key to becoming “cleaner”. Citróleo offers an alternative ally: in addition to being produced to the highest quality standards, its ingredients are free of synthetic, toxic agents and their effectiveness is proven without any tests animals.


And in my beauty routine, how to add?

And as transparency is one of Citróleo’s trademarks, Clean Beauty is what best defines its products. After all, the reduction of the environmental impact on consumption choices is one of the fundamental supports of the company, as well as that of the movement for safe and clean beauty. And there is no shortage of examples, since it is increasingly possible to place less (or nothing) toxic choices within the daily beauty routine.

In 2019 alone, more than 1000 products were launched worldwide containing Butter from Murumuru, Cupuaçu and Ucuúba, in addition to Pracaxi, Babaçu and Buriti Oils. All these products are offered by Citróleo, in unrefined form, guaranteeing quality, performance and multifunctionality.

Citróleo also has the CitroGreen line, with 100% natural, pure and dermatologically approved actives, that is, non-toxic. In addition, they have a clean composition, are highly effective and free of preservatives. This line, composed of vegetable and essential oils enhanced by Alpha Bisabolol Natural, exclusive to Citróleo, contains solutions of the natural-sustainable-safe triad for body, face and hair.


Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

But within this sea of launches, how to identify a truly clean product? First, trust in raw materials! By reading the label description, it possible to identify potentially dangerous, toxic and unsafe products for long-term use. And, in the background, check the positioning of companies. The true value of origin goes beyond of the greenwashing widely practiced, it involves environmental, social and sustainable commitment.

The Citróleo Group offers the market a proposal of differentiated values, which meet the most demanding and conscientious searches for new raw materials. Their commitment can be proven through the company’s most diverse actions, whether in northern Brazil or in the production of Citrue Bisabolol Natural & Organic, in the state of Minas Gerais.

In the words of Rich Gersten to Fobres (in April 2019), clean beauty and natural are no longer items that differentiate products, they are essential factors that will keep products on the market. That is, to remain competitive, in a not too distant future, cosmetic companies must be aligned with producers who keep their operations clean and transparent, in addition to the most effective and natural products possible.

Thus, according to Mintel, 57% of buyers evaluate companies’ ethical values, so that this can become a boycott factor; NPD recently reported that the Clean Beauty sector grew 42% from 2017 to 2018, generating new business opportunities and privileging the commitment of serious companies like Citróleo to their consumers. 


A new company for a new market.

In this same sense, the Disko agency has shown that 7 out of 10 Millennial consumers (one of the main drivers of this action) are willing to spend more on products with ethical positioning and even spend 73% more on products of transparent origin. So, proud to be a 100% Brazilian company and completely transparent, Citróleo increasingly moves its efforts to become a worldwide reference in the supply of Clean Beauty!