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CitroPet – Citróleo’s exclusive and innovative care for those we love!

It is not uncommon homes where pets have become members of the family. More than just mates for lazy and distractive moments, tutors want their pets to feel well-cared, comfortable and mentally stimulated. Thus, it is evident that many people consider themselves to be parents and not owners/guardians, so that animals become children, who need attention regarding their lifestyle and consumption habits.

In Brazil, for example, 49% of dog owners have already made or ordered food from humans for their buddies, while in the UK, 27% receive spa-style treatments for pets. And it is wrong to believe that for pets-children this projection is limited to our canine friends. According to ABINPET (Brazilian Association of Pet Products Industry), the accumulated growth of pets in the period from 2013 to 2018 shows a significant advance in the feline population: 8.1%, which is above the growth of the dog population. After all, people also buy or adopt kittens for their companionship (43%), to be an active part of the family (86%) and even talk to them (85%)!


A surprising and growing market

The size of the global pet products market, valued at more than $ 131.1 billion in 2019, shows how this movement where animals have a special place in living with families is consolidated, and opportunities keep coming up. This growing importance of pets at homes around the world has led to an increase in spending on increasingly sophisticated products. In addition, the high disposable income within the family budget and the growing prevalence of zoonotic diseases have increased spending on care for their partners: by 2025 the estimate is US $ 202.6 billion with CAGR of 4.9%.

The United States is the leader in this segment, representing approximately 40% of the world market and with estimated expenses for 2020 of US $ 10.7 billion in services out of the veterinary scope, such as grooming. Right behind is China (7.2%), United Kingdom (4.7%), Brazil (4.7%), Germany (4.4%), France (4.3%), Japan (4.1%), Italy (2.9%), Russia (2.5%) and Australia (2.5%). They are the 10 countries that most profited from the Pet Care market.

Although the USA has a large share, Asian countries are advancing along with Europeans. In the countries of Southeast Asia (which is expected to reach US $ 1,412.7 million in 2020 with CAGR of 6.8%), Thailand is the dominant country in the general pet care market, with a 43.62% share. Soon after comes Malaysia, Indonesia, highlighting the Philippines (significant CAGR of 8.4%) and Vietnam.

In 2019 Europe accounted for 30% of the global market share, driven by the United Kingdom, but with relevance also for Germany, France and Italy, which already have positive growth projections. In the same year, the Pet Care market in Brazil grew 8.5% and represented US $ 346 million, corresponding to 8.3% of the total revenue of the national Pet industry.

Not surprisingly, the consumption of natural and sustainable products, already a global reality in the traditional beauty market, is also a reality in the astronomical Pet world. 43% of dog owners prefer products that are sustainable or made from recycled materials, and the number is even higher for kitten lovers, representing 47%. To keep up with this demand, it is necessary to understand how to truly propose solutions that fit these expectations, with innovative, safe products and above all, that are concerned with animal welfare.

CitroPet: from Citróleo’s sustainable communities to our Pets

Thinking of bringing to our best friends the best of Brazilian biodiversity, with all the protection and well-being of the natural, Citróleo has a novelty that will surprise and win the affection and heart of all people who love pets: its brand new, innovative and pioneering line, specially designed for the skin and hair of our Pets, CitroPet.

Joining our affection, support and love to those who love us so much, Citróleo added intense research and cutting edge technology to achieve the best care for animals. This innovation is a global launch, so that no animal is left out of this. And that goes far beyond just offering raw materials, it represents Citróleo’s commitment to delivering experiences and exclusivity to all its customers, even those with four paws.

The products of the CitroPet line are healthy for the skin and hair of our Pets, in addition to being natural and pure. Based on our deep knowledge of Brazilian ingredients, we develop effective, biodegradable and vegan actives. Of course, free from animal cruelty. Always with the goal of delivering in a smooth, non-aggressive and exclusive way, all the benefits of Brazilian biodiversity to our best friends.

CitroPet: why produce EXCLUSIVE ingredients for animals?

Citróleo Group is proud to have taken the lead and started this journey of developing natural raw materials aimed at the specificity of the animals’ skin and organism. The ingredients of the CitroPet line are pioneers in the delivery of functional actives in this type of product, in a differentiated grade and quality, which accompany the differences between human and animal skin and hair.

Human skin has is more acid and the stratum corneum is larger than that of animals. In general, the thickness of the skin of dogs varies from 0.5 mm to 5.0 mm and in cats between 0.4 to 2 mm. Still in the evaluation of different skin histomorphology, dogs have 2 to 3 layers of cells, while human skin 10 to 15.

The amount of hair is significantly higher in animals, such as dogs (2 to 15 hairs per follicle) and cats (10 to 20 hairs per follicle), and its growth occurs in cycles, so that it is not continuous, as in humans. Animals also have undercoats, with different textures, densities, and different functions, as a physical protection barrier. Among other benefits, they work as sensory perception and thermal insulation.

In addition to these differences, there are particularities between the regions of the animals’ bodies such as back, feet and tail, breed and age. CitroPet’s premium raw materials take into account the need for biochemical compatibility between ingredient and animal skin/hair and more than that, they respect all these skin differences. So thinking about the Pet market, Citróleo was concerned with bringing functional, emotional and diverse benefits to the market.

And what products are these? Where can we use them?

The new line has raw materials for all kinds of animal needs, from a nice and fun bath, to protection for an outdoor walk. The CitroPet line is the solution that was lacking in the market for those who love their pet and do not give up on treating it with respect and care. And also, for groomers around the world, who seek quality, efficiency and innovation. CitroPet vegetable actives can be incorporated in complete bath and body lines, giving more smoothness, hydration and enhancing shampoos, conditioners, hydration masks, leave-in, sticks for paws, ear cleaning solutions and eye region. In addition to these four products, Citróleo also has mild surfactants for our Pets, completing a package full of innovative and exclusive solutions:



C-Care offers intense care for the animals’ delicate skin. Full of natural components, it brings warmth and affection from the velvety and soft touch, to the protective and regenerating effects. C-Care offers no risk to the animal or to the groomer. It treats from paws and plantar pads to injuries that need more attention, such as irritations and burns.


The balance necessary to keep our Pets healthy is the proposal of C-Balance. This active restores the integrity of the animals’ skin in a safe way, for a deep and effective treatment. C-Balance is an ingredient developed for animals with skin problems or sensitivity, controlling the attack of germs and bacteria and regulating the microbiome of the animal’s skin.


C-Protect is an active with intelligent action to ensure that our animals are free from the discomfort caused by microorganisms, such as bacteria, as well as protection against insects, such as mosquitoes. This active has powerful allies in this animal protection that, in a safe way, help to promote well-being and the feeling of relaxation. The C-Protect is perfect for that moment of zeal and attention to the health and comfort of Pets.


Shiny hair, soft and hydrated skin, all in a single and exclusive product, the C-Shine. Its composition specially developed to bring the softness that your Pet needs, with all the efficiency that it deserves. The animal’s fur gains shine and is especially strengthened, facilitating the hairstyle and finishing with the use of C-Shine.


Green CAPB-B

Completely free of palm oil, Green CAPB-B is a betaine derived from babassu oil and has excellent dermal compatibility. In addition, associated with anionic surfactants, it allows a synergistic reduction of irritability to the eyes and skin, bringing a softer, more stable and creamy foam, besides being naturally more viscous.


Green Cocoamphoacetate B

A smoother amphoteric co-surfactant, gentle to the skin and hair of animals. It reduces the rebound effect of cleaning systems, so that it acts without leaving residues, producing a stable and creamy foam. It also helps in the conditioning power of the formulation, reducing the required quaternary ammonium content. Less ingredients, less irritation.


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