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Solution for stretch marks and regenerative processes of the skin – 100% natural and sustainable active

In May 2018, the global strategic market research company, Euromonitor International, announced details of an emerging consumer trend: the demand for more natural, sustainable and ethical labels. In this briefing, it was observed that among the considered green consumers, 6 out of 10 of them prefer natural or botanical ingredients, even if this means a greater investment in the product. Of these 10, only one buyer reviews the financial aspect first.

The outlook indicates that in 2021, the essence of beauty product innovations will be primarily the physical and mental well-being of the consuming person, after all, research indicates that feeling good will be correspond to looking more beautiful. In this scenario, Citróleo presents a natural and effective solution for the treatment and smoothing of red and white stretch marks. They can arise due to several factors such as genetic predisposition and processes caused by great stretching of the skin (pregnancy, excessive weight gain, growth, etc.).

The stretch marks are reddish at first, and gradually the color becomes lighter and whiter, forming an atrophic lesion with diminished skin thickness, pleating, dryness and less elasticity.

The synergistic action of all components of the AlphaImprove Body, in the non-refined vegetable oils of Pracaxi and Babaçu, potentiated by the exclusive Citrue Bisabolol, induces a disposal of dead cells and infectious agents of the organism. This stimulates the natural antimicrobial properties and aid in the healing process of the stetch marks. Thus, the Citróleo Group guarantees a natural plant active, free of palm oil and that uses the vast knowledge of the producing Amazonian communities to maximize its benefits.

The AlphaImprove Body assists in the healing process (remodeling), replacing the damaged tissue with a new tissue, stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts and the extracellular matrix by rebuilding the ruptured fibers and promoting skin elasticity and reconstruction of the dermis. By penetrating the skin, due to its anti-inflammatory action, the active helps as an immunomodulator in the strengthening of immunity and balance of inflammatory conditions.

Emolliency is guaranteed by the presence of non-refined oils, which, more than moisturizers, have minority compounds (like vitamins, tocopherols) capable of nourishing and treating the skin. The AlphaImprove Body forms a film on the epidermis, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintaining the appropriate level of moisture in the stratum corneum, favoring flexibility and skin hydration. In addition, it promotes pleasant sensory, softness and smoothness.

The composition’s effectiveness of the product in the reduction of white and reddish stretch marks was proven after use of the test product (containing the active) for 4 weeks. The results were evaluated through Dermatological Subjective Clinical Efficacy, Evaluation of Objective Efficacy (Image Analysis), Dermatological Acceptability and Cosmetic Appreciability

The AlphaImprove Body was applied in 32 female participants, aged between 18 and 51 years, whose phototypes varied between II and IV. In 60% of the volunteers, white stretch marks were observed. The total time of use was 30 days. In the evaluation by image analysis it was verified that the AlphaImprove Body promoted a statistically significant reduction in the area affected with stretch marks of 31% after 30 days of use.

Below, two images showing the evolution in the treatment of stretch marks in two volunteers, whose results are above the observed average. In both cases, the first photo shows the region before the application and the second image, the same area after 30 days of use of the product.

Figure 1. A. Participant whose reduction was 53%. B. Participant whose reduction was 72%.

The evaluation of the subjective clinical efficacy after 30 days showed that 39% of the participants presented improvement in the general streak appearance; 26% had a decrease in the observed amount of stretch marks and 42% presented improvement in the texture of them. In addition, 90% of the participants were satisfied with the final result.

In these tests, no adverse reactions were detected in the application areas of the product during the study period. In addition, no volunteers reported feeling discomfort during the study. The AlphaImprove Body did not induce skin irritation and sensitization during the study period and therefore supports the claim “dermatologically tested”.

Thus, Grupo Citróleo bet on the nature as it is, and through many research and updates, provides a sustainable alternative of cosmetic actives. The entire production chain of the AlphaImprove Body is completely traceable, unlike other treatment options for stretch marks, whose actual composition of acids and peelings, or even adverse effects and the source of production, are unknown. Citróleo believes and focuses on this differential to promote more ethical and socially responsible products.