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Balance and Maintenance in Skin Microbiome

Keeping the skin clean and healthy goes beyond removing the accumulated dirt day by day with soap and water. The maintenance of skin health is much more structured and now it is known that more factors enter into this equation than just the physical removal or even the chemical enhancement of the dermatological actives.

Understanding the biological factors also responsible for the responses of our body, especially our skin, to the different stimuli and aggressions of everyday life are the new trend within a market that does not stop growing: that of beauty associated with technology. And with good reason, since with the advancement of research in the area is already known that most of the cells of the human body are actually of bacteria. So more and more attention is paid to the regulators of this very complex and extensive collection of microorganisms in the human physical constitution.

The superficial layer of the skin, called the epidermis, has several defense mechanisms, among them the complex and distinct balance between these different microorganisms with different purposes in this place is highlighted. Studies of the area have emphasized that the more diverse the cutaneous microbiome, better the conditions of the skin, such as hydration, protection and also the healthiness.

Thus, a high performance cosmetic active must be more than bactericidal or fungicidal, it should regulate imbalances between the microorganisms that bring benefits to the health of the skin and those that, in high concentrations, are pathogenic. So monitoring and promoting the maintenance of this microbiota is a key step towards a new era of functional cosmetics.

The Citróleo Group, a pioneer in studies with 100% natural actives, provides the market a vegetable ingredient with multifunctionality and great potential for insertion and action in this global trend. The AlphaComplete® Body combines in its composition chemical constituents of potent essential oils, with guaranteed antimicrobial efficacy against known undesirable bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 1544.

In response to the action of the AlphaComplete® Body is possible to notice the significant reduction of these populations by more than 99.9%. In addition to acting in the fight against the harmful action of these bacteria, the AlphaComplete® Body promotes the sensation of cleaning and astringency of the skin, without interfering with the integrity of the skin barrier, maintaining regular pH and hydration of the skin, due to its lipophilic nature.

Table 1. Test results obtained from the action of AlphaComplete® Body in different microorganisms,
where T1 is the immediate contact time, collected about 30 seconds of the microorganism contact with the sample.

AlphaComplete® Body is versatile because its different components act synergistically through a complex balance between terpineol, anti-inflammatory process regulators, and other vegetable lipophilic compounds with analgesic and calming effects as well as antimicrobial action.

Beyond these two cultures of microorganisms, others also showed sensitivity to the use of AlphaComplete® Body. This result was verified by laboratory tests with the formation of an inhibition zone. In practice, this means that the natural complex inhibited the formation of colonies for the microorganisms used. Thus AlphaComplete® Body is considered to present an inhibitory action on these microorganisms.

Figure 1. Formation of the Zone of Inhibition for the microorganisms used.

In this regard, we can contextualize this active in the line of the prebiotics: substances that act indirectly in the regulation of the microbiome of the skin, either strengthening the beneficial microorganisms or fighting the undesirable one. The use of prebiotics is a very efficient way to balance and protect the skin, safely and naturally.

The AlphaComplete® Body can be incorporated into various types of formulations, with bactericidal, antiseptic and regulatory claims. By its mechanism of action on the cell walls of microorganisms, associated with its absorption power in the skin, it is indicated to combat itching and inflammation of the skin caused by microorganisms, in any type of skin care application.

Aligned with recent trends and technological advances in the production of cosmetic raw materials, the Citróleo Group reinforces the pioneering spirit to exploit the full potential that only a 100% natural product can offer. The entire AlphaComplete® Body production chain is completely transparent, traceable, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering to the end consumer the quality and well-being of an active that, in addition to being natural, is still sustainable.