The importanceof mastering the English language for foreign trade

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The importanceof mastering the English language for foreign trade

Foreign trade is a reality linked to our era. In times of globalization, the interrelationship between companies, countries and spaces is more and more frequent.

In our day-to-day lives here at Citróleo the challenge of communicating with customers and partners from different corners of the world. And to make this communication accessible we use the English language as it is the language understood and universalized, which helps our business a lot.

As our customers are the priority of our activities, we challenge ourselves daily to deepen and increase knowledge of a foreign language, especially English.

Thinking about my personal and professional growth, I can say that I had great achievements through the opportunity to be inside a globally known company. I have been part of the Group for 3 ½ years and in that time I have already been promoted, and this experience inspired me and helped me to complete my graduation in the Industrial Production Management course.

The growing globalization and the arrival of Industry 4.0 stimulates investments and operations involving different countries and cultures. Thus, on behalf of companies, we must always be alert to opportunities. Thus, in times of such common external connections, mastering a second language or a lingua franca, such as English, brings great benefits to companies that invest in the international market.

If I can give you an advice that just like I dream or have dreamed of being part of a globally known company and work every day in search of new achievements and innovation, do not waste time and dive fearlessly in learning one. foreign language. This is sure to open many doors for success!

Kássia Moraes

Commercial and Export Assistant at Citróleo Group