For more than 33 years, connecting biodiversity with well-being

We are a brazilian company, founded in Torrinha, in the interior of São Paulo. Present in the market for more than 33 years, we are internationally recognized for quality standards and commitment to sustainability. We invest in sustainable management plans and plantations, as well as in partnerships with farmers and communities.

100% natural products

We offer natural products widely used in different applications by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fragrance industries and home care products.

Our products, which are acquired through renewable sources, and are developed to the highest quality standards, are distributed to all regions of the world.

Citróloe products line

The new CitroTech line features innovative products that add the richness of Brazilian Biodiversity.

The CitroGreen Actives line has 100% natural and sustainable assets, proven by In Vivo tests.

Citróleo's CitroForest line is composed of natural products obtained from sustainable sources of Brazilian Biodiversity.

The CitroNature Line offers the alpha natural bisabolol of the Candeia tree. Very competitive price and excellent quality.

The CitroEssential line is composed of essential oils, obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and produced with the highest purity.

Sustainability is our inspiration

For us to work with sustainability means being in harmony with nature, ensuring the well being of the planet and the future of the new generations. In 2016 Citróleo received the FSC® Certification from the Rainforest Alliance for part of its forests, where the forest management of the candeia tree is carried out. Look for FSC certified products.